O'Bannon's Taphouse - Where a Pint Precedes a Story
'til St. Paddy’s day

About Us

SpecialsOften times, pubs are mistaken for “bars”, which could not be further from the truth.  A pub is much more than a bar, it is a social experience.  It is a public meeting house, a sympathetic ear, in essence, it is a second home.  From the warm inviting atmosphere to the friendly staff who always seem to know your name, O’Bannon’s caters to every facet of that social experience.

Offering 75 of the world’s finest ales and lagers as well as a vast selection of top-shelf spirits, this pub is all about refined tastes.  There is a craft beer explosion going on in America.  While we stick to our Irish roots and keep Guinness as our flagship beer, we are also on the frontline of bringing in new and exciting craft beer.  In fact, we rotate new beer in almost DAILY!   O’Bannon’s is Aggie owned and operated – and has been proudly serving Aggieland since 2005.